Special Effects

Confetti Cannons

Confetti cannon rentals

 Used to make a sudden impression, confetti cannons are awesome to make a grand entrance, silence a crowd for a big announcement, or any sort of celebratory moment.

T Shirt Launcher

T shirt launcher

Our t-shirt gun shoots up to 150 feet. It is hand held and easy to operate.

UV/Black Light

Black rentals. Glow party Paint Party

Your guests will glow in the dark with our super powerful quality ultraviolet (UV) LED blacklights. Black lights can be a great effect for birthday party decorations, a dance club, quinceanera, school dance, or any event with a dance floor. 

Snow Machine

Snow machine rentals

Creates a Snow Flurry wherever you want it. Covers a 20’x20’ square foot area and come with 4 hours of solution (Consistent run time). This is artificial snow flakes made from a bio-degradable/hypoallergenic foam solution. They will mostly dissipate before hitting the ground 

Fog/Haze Machine

Fog machine haze machine rentals

Nothing sets the right mood, shows off your lights, and saves time like our Fog or Haze Machines.  It's perfect for club events, dance floors, or special events.

Flame Cannons

Flame cannon rentals

Flames can create a great atmosphere for many events. From product launches, music performances to big sport events, or even as an addition to a different kind of party. 

Transforming a space into a moment in time is integral in many events today. And this is where special effects equipment comes into play. Let us help you create a show-stopping, eye-catching and inspiring moment in your event!

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