Port-a-Cool Rentals Universal Party Management

Need to take a really cool break from the sweltering heat? You can trust Port-A-Cool Cyclone Portable Air Cooler to do the job. It can pump a draft of cold air up to 700 sq. ft. and can make the air feel up to 30 degrees cooler

Pedestal Fans

Pedestal Fan Rentals Universal Party Management

Our 30″ Pedestal Fan is perfect for moving air in large areas. They’re great for patios, canopies or tents without sides 


Mister Rentals Universal Party Management

Make your event space comfortable by cooling a large area without getting guests wet. Bugs a problem? Our misting fans are a great solution for mosquito control. 

Portable AC

Portable AC Rental Universal Party Management

You can’t control the weather. Our cooling solution makes tent air conditioning possible.  The slim, unobtrusive cabinet design works with any tented or temporary  structure.  Set-up is a snap and you’ll be cooling minutes after the units are set in place.  


Patio Heater Rentals Universal Party Management

You spend so much time and effort on your special event, don’t let the weather get you down. Heating rentals are a great way to make sure your guest are comfortable! 

Blue Tooth Misters

Mister rentals

The name pretty much says it all. Music is streamed via Bluetooth connection pumped through an outdoor rated speaker. A 700 lumen variable LED offers ambient light as well.

 Help cool off your guests with a cool mist fan, a cooling fan, misting  fans, or even our ever popular port A cool fans. Guests are so appreciative when you are able to provide them with a way to cool off on  a hot and humid day.  Outdoor wedding or special celebration, no  problem, we can help. Or maybe it’s cooler than you would like, consider a patio heater 

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